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  • Diabetes? Pick the right sport

    Sports, and any form of aerobic exercise in particular, are an integral part of the treatment for diabetes mellitus. People with diabetes can even be Olympians: rowing legend Steve Redgrave, for example, has type 1 diabetes and ...

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  • Let’s find out more about gestational diabetes

    During pregnancy, blood sugar levels rise above any previous record in 7% of women. However, gestational diabetes is a temporary condition, which disappears right after giving birth in 95% of cases. This is in part due to the ...

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  • Suspect diabetes? All you need to know about testing and risk factors

    Could you be at risk for diabetes? Do you have symptoms that match the diagnosis for diabetes, or simply are at an age when a regular check-up is recommended? In any case, your doctor will suggest a screening test to ascertain the ...

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  • The right blood pressure monitor if you have diabetes

    Do you have both diabetes and high blood pressure? It’s normal: these 2 conditions are often closely connected, and you should monitor both carefully. So, don’t be surprised if your doctor recommends using a glucometer as well as ...

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  • SOS: ice and wrapping are the best first aid for sprains

    It's a well-known fact that sprains are the most common orthopedic injuries. For years, the main treatment was a plaster cast, but the various types of bandages available these days mean you can avoid that, as well as the ...

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  • Syringes and disinfectant wipes for performing injections with ...

    What's the right equipment needed for doing an injection safely and with complete peace of mind? That's easy: a syringe and a disinfectant wipe. Here's a guide to find out what's available these days: from disposable syringes to ...

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  • Hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia: sugar and the brain

    Hypoglycaemic crises, and more rarely hyperglycaemic ones, can affect diabetic people’s everyday life. But what are the causes that trigger them? Let’s dive into the human body to understand why keeping blood sugar under control ...

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  • Reject, rebel and accept diabetes

    Receiving a diabetes diagnosis is a delicate moment, in which it is natural to have many questions. Medical psychology has identified a series of phases people go through, corresponding to periods of rejection, rebellion, ...

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  • Feet: the Achilles’ heel of diabetes

    Diabetic foot is a frightening complication that diabetes can have on the lower limbs. This condition can be treated properly only with preventive action and timely diagnosis. No need to panic, but awareness is key: according to ...

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  • Mobile Rapid

    The first "all in one" arm monitor from Pic which can be synchronized with your smartphone. This innovation lets you monitor your blood pressure and ...

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  • Pic BodyStation

    Pic BodyStation is the first 6-in-1 multifunctional digital set of scales from Pic that can be synchronized with your smartphone, or used as a normal ...

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